1. Jeepney or Van
  2. Entrance Fees
  3. BBQ Picnic at the beach
  4. Tour Guide
Ponderosa Tamaraw Falls
Fantastic Views at Ponderosa Tamaraw Falls
Aplayang Munti Adventure Park
Aplayang Munti Beach Optional: PG Adventure Park


  1. Guests are given a brief SAFETY/ TOUR lecture before departure.
  2. Guests ride Jeepney.  Ride takes them up the mountain to Ponderosa Golf Club.
  3. Guests are taken to the Town Proper then to Viewpoint, then to Tamaraw Waterfalls.
  4. Guests have a BBQ picnic at Aplayang Munti.
  5. Optional Visit at Extreme Sports Adventure Park.  Choice of Fun Activities (Go Kart, Mud Kart, Paintball, etc.) = 500.00/person/activity.